Yellow LaFerrari is up for sale with just 317 miles on odometer

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LaFerrari is hard to get but the temptation of riding on one of them knows no bound. 500 units of LaFerrari were made and out of them 120 units were delivered to US market. If a customer is looking for such car in open market it won’t be a problem. However, finding a new one is a different proposition all together, but it seems that it is not impossible. We are going to discuss about a yellow LaFerrari which is available for interested customers.

Yellow LaFerrariYellow LaFerrariYellow LaFerrariYellow LaFerrari

The mentioned Yellow LaFerrari will be auctioned Kissimmee, Florida that is scheduled next month. On the odometer it reads just 317 miles which is good as new. Majority of the LaFerrari wears red exterior but this one is special as it is covered in bright yellow. This particular model was ordered by Giallo Modena. The exterior is well complemented by yellow brake calipers, black and yellow leather interior along with many optional carbon fiber trim.

Yellow LaFerrariYellow LaFerrariYellow LaFerrariYellow LaFerrari

Just like any other LaFerrari, it also comes with 6.3 liter V12 hybrid powertrain. The hardware gives us an output of 949 horsepower and a torque in the region of 900 Nm. It is a rear wheel drive and the engine is mated with seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. It takes 2.4 seconds to reach 62mph from stagnant position before hitting the top speed of 217 mph. All these factors make this particular Yellow LaFerrari one of the mots sophisticated and powerful vehicles. It is expected that Yellow LaFerrari will fetch around $3.6 million. The event will take place 5-14th January 2018.

Yellow LaFerrariYellow LaFerrariYellow LaFerrariYellow LaFerrari

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