VW Golf Mk3 Rare Model is for Sale in Germany

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VW Golf Mk3

The VW Golf MK3 is like a small family car. It is the third generation of VW Golf and also the successor of VW Golf MK2. On 1991 August this model was launched in Europe, in 1994 in North America and in 1992 February in the United Kingdom. The Volkswagen Golf is one of the best selling cars in the world. You can see it on any street around the world. There are many on the used car market. But tripping across the third generation model with a few thousand miles is an unusual thing. It is up for sale currently in Germany.

VW Golf Mk3 VW Golf Mk3 VW Golf Mk3 VW Golf Mk3 VW Golf Mk3

The seller of this Golf claimed that the hatchback just 2,330 kilometers since it has arrived from the factory in 1995 November. It made the car the garage queen than the few priceless hypercars. If you see from a mechanical viewpoint the VW Golf Mk3 is almost new. But it can’t hide its age. It has a 90’s spec burgundy paint scheme that is put very nicely. It hasn’t aged particularly well.

VW Golf Mk3 VW Golf Mk3

There is a plastic on the top of plastic in the cabin everywhere. Starting from the steering wheels and the center console to the door panels. Out of date it even doesn’t begin to describe it. Under the hood VW Golf Mk3 has naturally aspirated four cylinder 2.0 litre, which produces a total of 116 PS. It’s like on par with the new mid range brand Ford Fiesta. For this rare and unusual model it is asking $15,4VW Golf Mk3 VW Golf Mk3 VW Golf Mk3 VW Golf Mk3 VW Golf Mk371.

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