VW Arteon Rendering by X-Tomi Designs is Amazing

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VW Arteon

VW Arteon has recently been revealed by the company and it has received really amazing responses by the consumers. There are various design houses who are trying to create new renderings of Arteon, but there is nothing better than X Tomi designs. So, they have created a rendering of VW Arteon in a wagon design. Now we really wish that Wagon version of Arteon will be quite a good addition for the company. We know that in today’s market Sedan and crossovers are quite famous, but we do need wagon cars to make things simpler in life.

Now even the company has confirmed that they are thinking about creating VW Arteon wagon version but that will be decided later on. Now since the success of the model is pretty important and after that only they will think about going on to other designs of the same model. They also added that VW Arteon Wagon model won’t be having any performance upgrades, but just the style changes, if they decide to create one.

Now since VW Arteon is asking for 51,000 euros in Europe for the standard model, then there should be price hike for the Wagon model. Now, this is just an assumption and we really hope that the company can come up with something like this. As for the rendering it looks really spacious and bigger families would love to drive this around. So, Volkswagen might think about it later in the coming years for sure.

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