Volvo and Nvidia collaborates to work on Level 4 autonomous

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Volvo and Nvidia collaborates to work on Level 4 autonomous

Volvo cars announced that they are collaborating with US based GPU maker Nvidia. Volvo would use Nvidia’s high-powered Drive AGX Xavier technology for their next generation vehicle that will make it capable for Level 4 autonomous driving. Volvo will insert it in their cars by next decade. Drive AGX Xavier technology will be adopted by the Scalable Product Architecture 2 (SPA2) vehicles. The said architecture will debut in the year 2021 with 3rd generation XC90. Swedish automaker has also promised to offer Level 4 autonomous system by the year 2021.

Volvo and Nvidia collaborates on autonomous vehicles

Both of them working together from last year and this step further deepen their relationship. Volvo and Nvidia started out with joint development of advanced system and software for self-driving cars. For those who are not familiar with Level 4 autonomous technology, at this level the car can drive on its own but still driver can control it when needed through steering wheels and pedals. Volvo is already offering Level 2 autonomous in models such as XC60. The Semi-autonomous driver assistance system is able to steer and drive provided that driver remains in full control.

Volvo and Nvidia collaborates on autonomous vehicles Volvo and Nvidia collaborates on autonomous vehicles

Volvo Cars have already announced that they won’t be offering level 3 autonomous as driver would have to take control of the vehicle within seconds during emergency. Automotive industry will shell out from $20 billion to $30 billion for autonomous driving technology between 2017 and 2022. Artificial intelligence-capable core computer that is being developed by them will give Volvo 360 degree surround perception and driver monitoring system. It will help the Swedish automaker to introduce fully autonomous vehicles. Jensen Huang, Nvidia’s CEO and founder said that if automated driving is done right, it will improve safety and driving comfort. Volvo’s CEO Hakan Samuelsson further added that autonomous technology requires massive computing power and constant advancement of AI.

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