Volvo decides to implement Google apps to Sensus Infotainment System

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Volvo’s up-coming generation Sensus Infotainment System is fully developed on Google’s Operating Android System. Therefore, this super featured car seems to develop multiple Google services. Those consists of the Google Play Store, Google voice controlled assistance and Google Maps as well. Since Sensus Infotainment System will totally run on Android. Therefore, up-coming software and apps up-gradations will be rendered in real time. That will surely allow the Swedish Automaker Volvo to render its buyers with best predictive and information services.

Volvo’s senior of R&D, Henrik Green stated that implementing Volvo with Google services will help innovation in connectivity as well as boost company’s development. Henrik further declares that riders of Volvo will soon have the opportunity to create direct access to a number of car apps. That will make easier for daily life riders and will enjoy more while driving the supercars. Along with the assistance from Google, Volvo drivers will be allowed to control air conditioning, in-car functions and use easy apps to send messages and play music as well. As this feature has voice interface, it will help the driver to keep eyes on road more while driving.
Google maps implemented in Volvo cars will help the driver with real-time traffic data and refreshed maps. It will also suggest the drivers with proactively alternative routes. However, full implementation of this facility in Volvo vehicles will be delayed for a couple of years at least. Volvo’s all-new infotainment system will surely get implemented on a platform of Google’s Android. Therefore, for Volvo vehicles, the Google partnership will for a significant strategy in the growth and development of their business. It will further help Volvo vehicles to develop its car experiences for riders, says Green.

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