Volvo claimed that China-built car have better quality than European counterparts

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Volvo Chinese Production

There was time when Chinese built cars was known for cheap and poor quality. Now it is a thing of past and Volvo even claimed that China built cars are much better in quality than its European counterparts. This news was confirmed by Volvo’s senior vice-president of design Robin Page during an interview to Australia Go Auto. He even admitted that there were concerns regarding the Swedish carmaker decision to build many vehicles in China. Robin Page added that Geely’s factories produce such quality vehicle is because of the fact that they rely less on automation and has tighter tolerance.

Volvo Chinese ProductionVolvo Chinese Production

He added the production process in European manufacturing relies too much on automation and thus lacks manual adjustments. Chinese factories have more people working on it and it decreases the scope for automation. By doing that, it gives them an added advantage to get tighter tolerance and also enables them to make finer adjustment. Robin Page said that even though it is not a massive difference but with respect to average and scores, China is doing pretty good in that respect and the company is not worried about it.

Volvo has been exporting Chinese built car to the world from the year 2014. The first-one in this list is previous generation long-wheelbase S60. Volvo was confident about the China abilities that they shifted the production of range-topping S90 from Sweden to China in 2016. Geely is not only producing Volvo cars, but also others such as Lync &Co and electric Volvo.

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