Volkswagen Tarok Concept unveiled at São Paulo International Motor Show

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After weeks of teasers, Volkswagen has finally taken veil off the Tarok pickup as concept. The venue for the unveiling was São Paulo International Motor Show in Brazil. Volkswagen Tarok Concept looks quite ready for production and hence, it would be stretch for us to dub it as concept. Volkswagen confirmed at the event that they will offer series version of the concept in Brazil with little or no changes. Now, that is out of the way, we are interested in knowing which other market Tarok Concept will arrive. There is a strong probability for it as the press release stated that avant-garde pick-up has the potential to boost Volkswagen range in other global markets.

Volkswagen Tarok ConceptVolkswagen Tarok ConceptVolkswagen Tarok ConceptVolkswagen Tarok Concept

Volkswagen Tarok Concept is dubbed as an amalgamation of digital networked SUV and cleverly designed five-meter pickup. If we simply it for our understanding, it means it would be smaller than Amarok and less work-oriented. Even though it can play the role of work horse but is equally suitable for lifestyle unlike its bigger sibling. The design of Tarok Concept suggests that bodywork with the bed form into a whole piece. The bed is 47.48 inches long but when rear seats are folded and hatched open, the space increases to 73.27 inches long.

Volkswagen Tarok ConceptVolkswagen Tarok ConceptVolkswagen Tarok ConceptVolkswagen Tarok Concept

Payload for Volkswagen Tarok Concept is 1,000kg and has modern amenities such as digital instrument cluster and big infotainment screen. Nonetheless, we are not sure if the production version will have these features. Volkswagen Tarok Concept is powered with turbocharged 1.4 liter four-cylinder engine that is rated at 148hp. It runs on pure ethanol and gasoline-ethanol blend. A six-speed automatic transmission and 4MOTION all-wheel drive system will take control of the power. Nonetheless, production version will use different powertrain. Future series model will have 2.0-litre turbo diesel direct injection TSI engine that offers 148hp.

Volkswagen Tarok ConceptVolkswagen Tarok Concept

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    it actually looks quite good. hope it will become more than just a concept.