Volkswagen T Roc Concept will Come to US in 2019

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Volkswagen T Roc

Volkswagen might be facing some legal issues in various countries, but that doesn’t mean that it will stop progressing. They are already on the run and showcasing newer models. Three years ago, Volkswagen T Roc was showcased as a concept car, but now there are news that the company is ready to debut at Frankfurt Auto Show. Now there is a catch regarding this model. Volkswagen T Roc is definitely bound to sell in Europe, but they will only come to American market when the dealers can guarantee that they can sell the cars and show profits. Now, this can be really challenging to American Dealers.

Volkswagen T Roc Volkswagen T Roc Volkswagen T Roc

Now Volkswagen T Roc is definitely a stunner but the main question that arises is the fact that where in America this model will be manufactured. Well they can choose the Chattanooga plant where Passat is produced currently. They can also go for the Mexico plant where Jetta, Beetle and other models are produced. Choosing these production plants will definitely help them a lot. There are not dates fixed for the production of this model, but as per other sources, company is planning to start the production towards the second half of 2017.

Volkswagen T Roc Volkswagen T Roc Volkswagen T Roc

Now, we know that performance is definitely a major part of Volkswagen T Roc but VW has not released any specifications now. They have not disclosed the price ranges too, but in the coming future we are sure that the company is going to reveal the other details as soon as possible.

Volkswagen T Roc Volkswagen T RocVolkswagen T Roc Volkswagen T Roc

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