• It is surprising to see automakers coming up beautiful sedan. This is why Volkswagen Arteon is so special because of the stunning design. Usually Volkswagen doesn’t tweak with the design too much and play safe. But the Volkswagen Arteon breaks all that perception about the German car maker. It made its debut at the Geneva …   Read More

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  • A matte black version of Lamborghini Centenario was delivered in Germany. Unfortunately, it is not the first one. The first Lamborghini Centenario was delivered to a sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi from United Arab Emirates. He paid 10 million UAE Dirham for purchasing it, which is around $2.7 million. In this post, we will …   Read More

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  • Many people were expecting to see 2018 Corvette ZR1 at Detroit Auto Show, but were disappointed not to see it. Corvette ZR1 is still being tested and it was spotted at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. In this video, you will see that both the rear wings are being tested. One could also hear the sound …   Read More

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  • Spotting McLaren F1 on the roads is a rare occurrence as only 106 units were ever made. Only 64 units were road regal, so seeing them on roads is unusual. Nonetheless, some of the F1 units are quite special than its compatriots. In this post, we are talking about only 2 units which left the …   Read More

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  • Needless to say, the Callaway Corvette Aerowagen is both pretty and real. The car took over four manufacturing years. The company unveiled the car in February 2017 and immediately handed it over to Jay Leno. Reeves Callaway, the founder and his son, Peter made sure that the Leno got the car’s full rundown. The Callaway Corvette …   Read More

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  • If you haven’t checked it out the 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, then please do and you would realize how big it really is. Volkswagen is renowned for making small cars and is still known in US for Beetle. They not only popularized it but also projected as family car. In this new commercial, you will see …   Read More

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  • At the Geneva Motor Show, we got to see Pininfarina H600 for first time and it quite stunning. New reports suggest that it is going to production soon. It will be available in US by the end of this decade. This news was disclosed by Hong Kong based Hybrid Kinetic which is a Chinese based …   Read More

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  • Few days back, 2018 Volkswagen Arteon was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show. Now, Volkswagen has just released a promotional clip for it. We have to admit that its look sensation and quite different from other Volkswagen sedans. The 2018 Volkswagen Arteon would act as a replacement for the incumbent CC. The press photo of …   Read More

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  • The Volkswagen Golf R Performance made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2017. However, the German company was very silent about it. The company later released an official featuring the Volkswagen Golf R Performance along with some information on its official website. The car is a sharper and faster variant of the Golf R …   Read More

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  • Ferrari is the globally known Italian sports car manufacturer. The company has been promoting its new exotic prototypes via exiting videos. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is being launched in the same pattern. The Ferrari 812 Superfast was inaugurated as an advancement of the F12 Berlinetta. The 812 was presented at the Geneva Motor Show by …   Read More

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