Vauxhall Adam Sets Record high with Personalization

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Vauxhall Adam

Vauxhall has announced the new unlimited trim level in the Vauxhall Adam range. It brings more personalization options than the previous one. It incorporates options from the present GLAM, JAM and SLAM models. This new variants will provide the drivers with more personalization options. This new trim level combines previous uncombined options. An integrated wireless charging system for the mobile devices is available as an option.

In the Adam Rocks model the new trim level is available. It will allow the customers to select its preferred roof combo and exterior paint. You can choose interior trims and foils, wheel options. The technical features will make it virtually any combination that you want. The customers can design a Vauxhall Adam which will be personal to you. Some of the standard equipments are Titan triple 16 inch cross alloy wheels, cruise control, and Bluetooth connectivity. It also has climate control and daytime running lights. It has steering wheel leather covered with connectivity options and audio control. It includes aux in sockets and USB. It adds comfort to the drivers.

Inside it the drivers will get an improved technology via OnStar, service assistant system. Vauxhall’s innovative personal connectivity which becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot for 7 devices. The starting price for the Adam rocks is 15,875. The price of Vauxhall Adam unlimited is 12,260. For extra cash you will get extra tinted windows, a convertible top, LED lights rear and front. You will also get rugged look body cladding and 15mm ride height. The wireless charging feature costs 150 only on the unlimited models. It is compatible with the Powermat and Qi interface standards.

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