Vandal One is an American Track car with Honda Civic Type R engine

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British are way ahead when it comes to building lightweight and quick track cars. Now, US based Vandal is catching up by introducing their version of a track car. Dubbed as Vandal One, it is underpinned by a carbon fiber monocoque chassis that is adorned by body panels which is also exclusively made from carbon fiber. Thus, the weight of track car is just 1,224 lbs and will be powered with 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Vandal One uses engine from current Honda Civic Type R.

Vandal OneVandal OneVandal OneVandal One

The stock version of engine delivers just 306hp, but Vandal managed to tune it to offer 340 horsepower for entry level version. Buyers who want extra power can opt for upgrade package which increases the output to 560 horsepower. To complement such extra power, Vandal is also offering this version of Civic Type R will rev upto 9000 rpm despite use of forced induction. However, Vandal One will be sold exclusively with six-speed sequential transmission developed by Sadev. Honda Civic Type R is offered with six-speed manual transmission.

Vandal OneVandal OneVandal OneVandal OneVandal One

This Detroit based company didn’t just put Honda engine in carbon fiber chassis. They have also developed pushrod front and rear suspension for the sports car that uses JRi adjustable dampers and sway bars. Even the spring arte can be customized whereas different driving modes adjust ride height from five inches above the road to just two inches. Each and every Vandal One model will come with a telemetry system which allows for real-time monitoring of vehicle data from the pit lane, while the driver is putting in fast laps. The base model with 340hp is priced from $119,700, but pricing details for the most powerful version has not been disclosed. Pre-orders will open later this year with a security deposit of $1,000. Do check out the images of this track car.

Vandal OneVandal OneVandal One

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