Toyota is keen to add TRD treatment across lineup

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Toyota Avalon Camry TRD

Toyota is planning to spice up their entire range through introduction of TRD versions of Camry and Avalon. Toyota’s USA Group Vice President Jack Hollis didn’t hide his love for TRD brand in an interview to Autoguide. He appreciates the work put by Toyota Racing Development and he likes learning from motorsports team and incorporating them in the cars. Jack Hollis added that if he can bring to every car, SUVs and truck, then they should do it. He even hinted the possibility of TRD Corolla is already on the horizon but didn’t provide any confirmation. The only statement he made was it is not in their plan yet but there is intention and development.

Toyota Avalon Camry TRD Toyota Avalon Camry TRD

A hotter version of Corolla makes sense as new generation features driver oriented chassis and matching aggressive styling. Toyota is also considering adding all-wheel drive option to many of their vehicles than currently present. It will offer customers with great variety. Nonetheless, Hollis in no uncertain terms confirmed that C-HR won’t be getting an AWD version in near future for undisclosed reasons. Hollis said that future TRD models won’t be a standard car with rear spoiler and toned up exterior, but would come with meaningful performance enhancements.

Toyota Avalon Camry TRD Toyota Avalon Camry TRD

If these reports turn out to be true, then Toyota would have a competent rival for the Honda Civic Si. It is highly likely that Toyota will TRD for models such as Camry, Avalon, Corolla and new Prius. The latest Prius already features an extra motor to power the rear axle at speeds up to 43mph. Hollis said that they are taking every model and offering more choices for customers. TRD nameplate and all-wheel drive is a smart move in this regard.

Toyota Avalon Camry TRD Toyota Avalon Camry TRD

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