Toyota GT86 Limited Edition Tiger is a Definite Beast

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Toyota GT86

If you are a fan of Toyota and love their cars, then this is your only opportunity to grab one of their special editions. There are many people in this world who love to collect special edition models. This Toyota GT86 limited edition that has been termed as Tiger has been released by Toyota Germany. So, if you are living in Germany and want your hands on Something really unique then this model is definitely for you. Though, this is a limited edition but it will not bring any performance upgrade, just the visual upgrades can be spotted here.

Toyota GT86

Not just the name of the limited edition Toyota GT86 is Tiger, but it is actually painted with Tiger Orange Color and a hint of Velvet Black can also be seen on the model. You can spot Black Accents on the door and the air vents. Moreover, the rear spoiler along with Mirrors are also seen in black accents. Moreover, you can also see painted 17 inch alloy wheels with the model that enhances the overall look of the Toyota GT86. SACHS suspension is also installed in the model to make the ride smoother.

Toyota GT86

When we are talking about the interiors of the model Toyota GT86 then you can spot Alacantara Leather seats. Orange stitching can also be seen on the seats to make it look beautiful. Now, Toyota hasn’t made any changes in the 2.0 litre naturally aspired engine. So, this engine will keep on generating 200 HP of power. Now coming to the rarity of the model. Well, this model is exclusively available in Germany only, and there are only 30 models made. Apart from that this offer is exclusive for this month only. So, if you are in Germany and willing to spend 34,990 Euros then this Toyota GT86 can be yours.

Toyota GT86 Toyota GT86

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