Toyota e-Racer Concept showcases future sports car as an enigma

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Ahead of the highly anticipated Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota previewed several models but had few surprises for us. One of them which we will discuss is Toyota e-Racer Concept. It shows future automobiles will be fun to drive. At this point of time, Toyota didn’t divulge nay information regarding the concept, but judging by the pictures it is a radically styled sports car. Toyota e-Racer Concept comes with an open cockpit with no windshield. Driver is placed at the center of the vehicle and look at futuristic steering wheel that has specialized digital glasses.

Toyota e-Racer Concept Toyota e-Racer Concept

After driver put on these specialized glasses, they will be shown different vehicle information such as current speed and gear selection along with status of the battery. Moreover, there is also an augmented reality function that can stimulate a grand prix race, an underwater driving experience and roads of a futuristic city. A single passenger can sit directly behind the driver and they will enjoy same augmented reality function using a screen or headset that is mounted in the back of the GR-branded roll bar.

Toyota e-Racer Concept Toyota e-Racer Concept Toyota e-Racer Concept

At the back of the Toyota e-Racer Concept, there is a two-tone design and wheels which are separated from the main body. Additionally, Toyota e-Racer Concept also consist of slender LED lighting units and C-shaped accents. Company’s president Akio Toyoda said that the model is a flight of fantasy. Nonetheless, he pointed out that future car will embrace electrification and autonomous driving technology, but sports cars won’t be discarded among these changes.

Toyota e-Racer Concept Toyota e-Racer Concept Toyota e-Racer Concept

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