Toyota Concept-i looks into the future of electric vehicles with AI

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Toyota Concept-i Ride series 1

Just before the commencement of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, Tokyo revealed the Concept-i. They will be launching a series of concept at this event. Toyota had earlier disclosed a form of Concept-i which was showcased at SEMA this year. The future four-seater will be joined by two more concepts in the form of Toyota Concept-i. The interesting addition to the concept is the Concept-i ride. It would be meant for urban commuters and will fall between Smart Fortwo and Renault Twizy.

Toyota Concept-i Ride seriesToyota Concept-i Ride seriesToyota Concept-i Ride series

One of the most interesting aspects of the Toyota Concept-i is the gullwing doors. To access the central seat, one must use joystick controllers. The seat also slides sideways to make way for another seat that will be positioned aft. It is also designed for wheelchairs users and there is a provision for that. In the Toyota Concept-i, the Ride technology incorporates Artificial Intelligence for an enjoyable and secure journey. This service is deliverable to active driver and also passive occupants via automated driving.

Toyota Concept-i Ride seriesToyota Concept-i Ride seriesToyota Concept-i Ride seriesToyota Concept-i Ride series

The details of the electric powertrain for Toyota Concept-i have not been disclosed. However, it is expected that the range would be between 60 to 90 miles on a single charge. Apart from Toyota Concept-i, Concept-i Walk would be joining the event too. This Segway styled scooter is meant for pedestrian space. Three-way layout has been used to build it and for high speed, front wheel is extending. Toyota Concept-i Walk uses active electronic safety system to avoid obstacle with a range of 10-20 km. There would be other Toyota models at this event such as Tj Cruiser, GR HV, and Crown concepts and Century limousine.

Toyota Concept-i Ride seriesToyota Concept-i Walk Toyota Concept-i Walk Toyota Concept-i Walk

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