Tesla Model 3 appeared for Sale on Craigslist

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Tesla Model 3

Have you booked a Tesla Model 3 car? As per reports, it might take 12-18 months or even longer to garage the car in your space. You can hold of your patient and go according to the waiting list. But if you are getting impatient and have some extra penny in your bank, then there is good news for you. The beautiful car has already appeared for sale on the Craigslist, an American classified advertisements website. Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3

Currently being in California’s Santa Cruz, this Tesla Model 3 is being labeled as the first car to be shown up in the second-hand market. The seller describes the car to be in the original condition as bought. As shown in the odometer, the car has just traveled 2,100 miles. The finish of the car, according to the owner, is excellent being the early produced model. Apart from the design of the Tesla Model 3, comes all equipped with a long-range battery, aero wheels, roof with panoramic glass and an audio system. Adding up to the beauties of the car, the interior comes with two USB charging ports, open-pore wood trim and heated seats. Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3

An amount of $7,500 as Federal Tax Credit is already being claimed by the seller, so whoever wants to buy the Tesla Model 3 car had to pay in full. Not knowing what the car could be, the seller has priced it around $150,000 based on the demand. So, if you want the car in your garage you lose some of your savings. Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3

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