Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck debuts and starts from $39,900

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One of the most anticipated all-electric pickup truck from Tesla has been finally introduced. Tesla Cybertruck was revealed in California and judging by the appearance it looks like vehicle from the far future. Cybertruck pickup truck follows Tesla’s disruptive nature in this highly contested US market. It took over seven years to build Tesla Cybertruck and is wedge-shaped full-size pickup truck. It is a six-seater and has massive dimension. Cybertruck pickup truck is 231.7-inches long, 79.8-inches wide and 75-inches tall. To emphasize on the strength of Tesla Cybertruck, Elon took help from his employees to use sledgehammers and throw metal balls. Unfortunately, windows couldn’t handle the abuse.

Tesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla Cybertruck

Tesla didn’t reveal interior but they did release a single image that adopts a simpler and minimalistic approach. The image showcased a huge touch-screen in the middle, two rows with three seat capability, and a Knight Rider 2000-style steering wheel. Top part of the dashboard that seems to have marble-style quartz slab or might be something else. Nonetheless, Tesla wasn’t secretive about powertrain. Tesla Cybertruck has most potent Tri-Motor AWD version that takes 2.9 seconds to accelerate from 0-60mph. Now, if we take latest Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye special into consideration, it takes 3.8 seconds whereas takes 10.8 seconds to cover ¼ mile. This configuration offers 500+ miles driving range and top speed of 130 mph.

Tesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla Cybertruck

The base Single Motor RWD is priced from $39,900 with a range of 250+ miles and takes 6.5 seconds for 0-60mph. Then there is mid-level Dual motor variant that is priced from $49,900 that takes 4.5 seconds for 0-60mph and has 300+ miles driving range. Elon Musk claimed that Cybertruck is worthy to be called as off-road vehicle with help from 35-degree approach angle, a 28-degree departure angle and up to 16-inch of ground clearance. Tesla Cybertruck has a stainless steel monocoque construction. Additionally, there is also air suspension and 6.5-foot bed that is called Vault and has a lockable aerodynamic cover offering 2831-liters of protected cargo storage. Tesla is accepting order for this electric pickup and is asking for $100 refundable deposit and it will enter production in 2021.

Tesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla Cybertruck

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