Tesla Autopilot users will be getting discount from Insurance Company

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Tesla Autopilot

Elon Musk dreamt of insurance discounts for Tesla owners who would use autonomous driving. Thankfully, it seems that his wish has been granted and now coming true. An insurance company by the name of Root Insurance, based in Ohio announced that Tesla customers will be getting discount on their premium if and only if they use Autosteer function. In this Autopilot feature, the vehicle is driven on the lane consistently without needing any inputs. Tesla Autopilot users will greatly benefit from this announcement.

Tesla Autopilot

While making this announcement, Root Insurance cited the report from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). The report figure suggested that Tesla cars crash rates have fallen significantly which is about 40%. The figure drop can be attributed the introduction of Autopilot feature. So this offer is meant for Tesla Autopilot users only. Applying for the discount at Root Insurance is quite simple and less time consuming. Interested parties just need to download the Root smartphone application and check their eligibility.

Tesla Autopilot

After downloading the application, the customers need to use it while driving Tesla cars. It will help Root Insurance in determining Autosteer eligible highway miles. After analyzing it the insurance company will apply tiered discount. This discount will be based on highway miles Tesla Autopilot user does. Root Insurance will soon be offering such autonomous driving discounts for other auto manufacturer’s autonomous vehicles. It might introduce this year if everything goes according to plan. To conclude, this offer will be of great help for Tesla Autopilot customers which will certainly help their pocket.

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