Techrules Ren Made its Official Debut at Geneva Motor Show

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If you think that Chinese don’t have it in them to produce the best supercar then you are definitely wrong. Let us introduce you to Techrules Ren. It made its debut at Geneva International Auto show and it is really making headlines. This diesel hybrid is definitely quite unique and the performance it delivers is really mind blowing. Techrules is really hoping to stun the supercar market with their latest production. There are 3 different versions of Techrules Ren that is available. It comes in with three, four and two motor variants for customers.

Techrules Ren Techrules Ren Techrules Ren Techrules Ren

Now coming to the performance, well you are definitely not going to believe that this mean machine produces 1287 HP with a displacement of 1725 lb-ft. Now we know that those figures are definitely quite scary, but don’t worry, this is just for the 6 motor version. Where the first two wheels of Techrules Ren are powered by 2 motors and the rear wheels get the power from 4 wheels. If you are don’t want something that big then you can choose the less power variants. But this 6 motor version takes only 2.5 seconds to go from 0-62 mph and the top speed is 199 mph.

Techrules Ren Techrules Ren Techrules Ren Techrules Ren Techrules Ren

The 4 motor version will produce a power of 858 HP and a displacement of 1150 lb-ft. Apart from that, the 2 motor version will produce only 429 HP and 575 lb-ft. Techrules Ren also uses powerful batteries that gets charged upto 80% within just 15 minutes. For such a fast charging they are providing the DC fast charger to speed up things. The price of the model is not revealed yet, but you can bet that this one is going to cost a lot. The company also announced that they are going to produce only 95 units of this.

Techrules Ren Techrules Ren Techrules Ren Techrules Ren

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