Superformance ‘Future GT Forty’ with EcoBoost V6 coming to SEMA

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Superformance is renowned all over the world for making GT40 replicas. Now, they have teased a new project which will be showed at SEMA. The name of the model is Superformance ‘Future GT Forty’. The design of this vehicle is inspired from latest generation of GT and the original GT40. It combines the design of these models in a new package which has modern internals. Once, it is showcased on 30th October in Los Angeles it is guaranteed to get attention from all quarters. This project was started one of the Superformance’s Mkl GT40 replicas.

Superformance 'Future GT Forty' Ford GT

Usually, these replicas uses naturally aspirated V8, but Superformance ‘Future GT Forty’ uses different engine option. It comes with twin-turbocharged 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 unit from the current GT. Company further added that they have added a pair of large Honeywell Garrett turbochargers and a custom Magnaflow exhaust to boost performance. At this point of time, performance figures have not been released, but we anticipate that output would be in the region of 647hp that is also offered on stock version.

With respect to the exterior of Superformance ‘Future GT Forty’, it wears red, white and blue livery similar to Ford GT that competed and won in 24 Hours of Le Mans in the year 2016. On the front, it has similar headlights to that of latest GT along with pair of large air vents on the hood. Elsewhere, majority of design of the Future GT Forty is quite similar to original GT40. Nonetheless, some of the parts standout such as large rear wing and modern taillights. Superformance ‘Future GT Forty’ incorporates Quaife five-speed manual transmission and uses Ridetech Shockwave air suspension.

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