Subaru might drop manual transmission to focus on safety

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Subaru BRZ STI

There are many Subaru models that are offered with manual transmission. However, it seems that everything is going to change as the company is now focusing on safety. According to Auto Express, the company desires to build world’s safest car. To do that, they might drop manual transmission for good. Subaru offers EyeSight system that comprises of adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and pre-collision braking. Nonetheless, it is incompatible with manual transmission. If Subaru really decides to build such car they will surely drop manual altogether.

Chris Graham who is managing director for UK division made a cryptic comment that these are just rumours at this point. However, he did add that his gut feeling is that they will EyeSight with Lineartronic and on-going and long term is in their plan. Chris Graham was adamant that if Subaru plans to offer safest car then they won’t continue offering manual transmission. He added that offering manual transmission with no EyeSight is going to ruin safety measures. If the company is serious about this prospect we can say goodbye to manual transmission for good.

It is too early to predict anything, but if the company is serious about such plan then it would be difficult for them to offer manual transmission. It is already facing tough completion from driver assistance systems and semi-autonomous technology. Car enthusiasts who love manual gearbox would be disappointed with this move. Only time will tell how things will eventually pan out. Stay tuned to our website for more news about this report.

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