Street-legal Aston Martin Vulcan is being prepared for Gumball 3000

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Street-legal Aston Martin Vulcan

At this year’s Gumball 3000 race, Aston Martin is preparing an only street-legal Vulcan to compete at this event. Street-legal Aston Martin Vulcan was previewed in a distinctive wrap. For those who are not aware, Vulcan name came from Avro Vulcan strategic bomber and thus, has jet-inspired warp primarily made of white and brown exterior as is evident from the given example. Aston Martin Vulcan has made its name as one of the most head-turning production vehicles and this wrapped model stands out within crowd without making much of an effort.

Aston Martin Vulcan was initially built as track-only hypercar and was rare as only 24 units were made available worldwide. Nonetheless, one such example was turned into a street car in 2007 by a British company known as RML Group. This is the same vehicle which we are looking at. Since, it was made into street-legal several modifications were made. For instance, proper headlights had to be fitted into the clamshell hood and turn signals into the huge rear wing and side mirrors. Additionally, clear covers were covered over the taillights along with series of changes to the suspension and engine and less extreme front splitter.

Even though, the given Aston Martin Vulcan is street-legal but it doesn’t seem quite comfortable to drive. Gumball 3000 race will begin from 10th June and run between Mykonos to Ibiza. At this event, mane impressive sports cars, hypercars, and supercars will take part. We are expecting Aston Martin to steel the thunder with its 7.0-liter V12 screeching 820hp.

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