SSC Tuatara is only the legitimate car to hit 300mph, claims CEO

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SSC Tuatara

An American Sports company by the name of SSC North America claims that they are only one which can break the 300mph barrier. In the age of mind boggling hypercar performance, this is quite a statement. A decade ago, automakers were chasing the 250 mph mark, but now the benchmark has move forward with the new vehicles from the likes of Hennessey and Koenigsegg who are also attempting the same target. In an interview to Top Gear, SSC’s chief executive Jerod Shelby said that he is very confident regarding the performance of their SSC Tuatara.

SSC Tuatara

He further added that SSC wanted their engineers to exceed anything they had done before and other competitors work. However, they overreaching goal is 300mph. Jerod also claimed that he has immense knowledge of their competitors, they are the only worthy of breaking the 300mph mark with drag number and horsepower they are producing. Drag coefficient of SSC Tuatara stands at 0.279 when special aerodish is installed. It is said that refinement of SSC Tuatara is still in progress and with its help drag coefficient will be reduced further.

SSC Tuatara

SSC is currently working on internal duct change on rear radiator and tweak with front and rear wing profile to decrease the drag coefficient further. Under the hood of SSC Tuatara, there is twin-turbocharged flex-fuel 5.9-liter flat-plane crank V8. It is able to reach 8800 rpm. The engine delivers an impressive 1350hp on 91 octane fuel whereas offers 1750hp on E85. The testing of SSC Tuatara is planned to be completed by May 2019 and deliveries will begin three months later.

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