SSC Tuatara design looks like a spaceship from future

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There are lot of hurdles that need to be jumped for SSC Tuatara to hit production. However, American based automaker is showing their sports car to prospective buyers. For those who are not familiar with SSC, it was formerly known as Shelby SuperCars. SSC Tuatara is successor to the Aero and designed with collaboration between SSC and Jason Castriota. Earlier this month, it was spotted Miller Motorcars. Despite the design being seven years old, it looks like more of a spaceship rather than a vehicle. SSC North America is headed by Jerod Shelby.

He introduced SSC Tuatara at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2011 with bold performance ambitions. Unfortunately, it faced financial difficulties and prevented Tuatara to hit production. For several years, it was presumed that the project was dead. Nonetheless, SSC surprised everyone at August 2018 Pebble Beach when they revealed updated pre-production prototype and confirmed that the project is not dead and would see the light of day. Recently, the market has exploded and filled with multi-million dollar hypercars. It can be attributed to custom creations from brands such as Koenigsegg and Pagani. SSC plans to join the bandwagon of elite European companies with Tuatara.

We are not going to take a wild guess and presume what will happen next with SSC Tuatara. However, we are going to enjoy looking at the car. When SSC Tuatara hit the market, it will be powered with twin-turbocharged flex-fuel 5.9-liter flat-plane V8 unit. On 91 octane fuel, it will deliver an output of 1,350hp and on E85 fuel; it will deliver 1,750hp. SSC claims that engine and aerodynamics of the vehicle will enable it to reach top speed in excess of 300mph.

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