Ssangyong Turismo Tourist previewed ahead of its launch

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Ssangyong Turismo Tourist

Ssangyong, Korean automaker previews a camper based on minivan. Ssangyong Turismo Tourist has been developed by Wellhouse. Wellhouse is well known campervan specialist based in Britain. Few standard features in the Ssangyong Turismo Tourist include swivelling front seats that can be folded to convert them into a pair of beds. Other features tailgate awning, sink, elevating roof, two burner stove, portable toilet, fridge, water containers, gas bottle and 12V electrics.

Ssangyong Turismo TouristSsangyong Turismo Tourist

Ssangyong Turismo Tourist is cheapest full size minivan on sale in UK. It is incidentally the biggest minivan too. The length of Ssangyong Turismo Tourist is 201.9 inches which is similar to commercial based minivans. This minivan is powered with four cylinder 2.2 liter Mercedes sourced engine. The hardware guzzles an output of 178 horsepower and a torque of 295 lb-feet. Two gearbox options are available and it includes six-speed manual and seven-speed automatic. The gearbox transfers to all four wheels.

Ssangyong Turismo TouristSsangyong Turismo Tourist

The top model of Ssangyong Turismo Tourist is priced at $30,918 and comes with every gadget and auto box and 4WD. If you compare the price with Ford Galaxy, it is cheaper by $3100. Ssangyong Turismo Tourist make a huge dent among its contemporaries such as Volkswagen California and Wellhouse Transit. Wellhouse Transit starting price is $37,104. Majority of the campers which is similar priced is quite small. There is a reason why Turismo Tourist is priced too low. The interior is not well finished and also the driving experience is not up to the mark. However, for such a low price one couldn’t ask for more.

Ssangyong Turismo TouristSsangyong Turismo Tourist

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