Spyker Gets More Demand for Manual Transmission

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Surely the automotive market is changing and along with that the needs of customers are changing. More and more people these days prefer automatic transmission. The higher end models are completely automatic. But that’s not the scenario with Spyker. As per the reports, their customers are demanding for Manual Transmission. Last week at NewYork Victor Muller confirmed that Car enthusiasts are opting for more manual action rather than automatic. Guess, they want to feel the speed when changing the gears.

Spyker Spyker Spyker Spyker Spyker Spyker

Now this sudden interest in Manual might be because of beautiful interior. But the Spyker is focussing more on the comfort rather than performance. Competitors like Lamborghini and Ferrari do such things. They are performance oriented company who focus on speed. They stopped making manual cars, because dual clutch gearboxes are quite fast, and humans won’t be able to match that speed. Well, the company can’t deny customer request and hence they will have to make more manual transmission cars.

Spyker Spyker Spyker Spyker Spyker Spyker

It dosen’t really matter if customers of Spyker want manual or automatic gear, they are going to have the same performance. This model is loaded with naturally aspired V8 5.0 litre engine. The earlier engine was taken from Audi, but now it has been replaced with Koenigsegg. Though, company is trying to focus more on electric combustion, but it seems that will take time. If you are interested in purchasing this, then it will cost you $429 K. We really hope that Spyker keeps on making amazing cars in Future.

Spyker Spyker Spyker Spyker Spyker

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