Speedkore Challenger Demon with 1200hp is an absolute beast

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In drag racing competition, competitors do their best to make it faster but often overlook other aspect in an attempt to make it fast. Thankfully, Speedkore Challenger Demon hasn’t fallen into this trap. Since, it is built by carbon fiber tuning specialist and is officially quickest Dodge Demon in the world. What makes Challenger Demon powerful is the presence of power upgrades, keeping it lighter and several other modifications. This Demon is quite different from its sibling as Speedkore uses carbon fiber to make its entire body. This not only gives it a unique look but also makes it lighter than any other stock version.

Now, the major talking point of Speedkore Challenger Demon is the powertrain. They have retained 6.2-liter V8 unit, but they have included pair of turbochargers that feeds the powertrain. Drivetrain is relatively standard but it does incorporate a new torque converter, a carbon fiber shaft, and a brace at the rear differential. It helps to keep Dodge Challenger not to explode on road. Even though it has travelled just 200 miles, it is practically almost new. With the rear wheels, the car managed to offer 1203hp.

The million dollar that arises with Speedkore Challenger Demon is how quick it really is. In its prime, Speedkore Challenger Demon takes just 8.7 seconds to hit 0-162 mph mark. Nonetheless, it usually stays in 8 seconds region. We have attached a video of the Challenger Demon posted by YouTube Channel “That Racing Channel” and see how impressive it truly is in every aspect.

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