Skoda set to launch vRS variant for upcoming electric SUV

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Skoda Vision E Concept

Skoda has confirmed that they will launch vRS variant for their futuristic electric SUV. Alain Favey who is Skoda’s sales and marketing chief said in an interview to Autocar that vehicles won’t be all about performance. He added that vRS variant for electric SUV is more about styling and experience. It is expected that variant will hit the market by the year 2022. It means that it will hit the market three years after production version of Vision E Concept hits the market. This particular vehicle is said to launch in the year 2019 and it will the first electric vehicle from the Czech based automaker.

Skoda Vision E Concept Skoda Vision E Concept

Skoda even thinks that it could be great competition to the Tesla Model 3 ($35,000) despite being a crossover. When it was showed as concept guise, it came with two electric motors that delivered 301hp of output and had a range of 310 miles on a single charge. If you think that its range would be the only talking point then you are wrong as Skoda plans to bring more to the table. Alain Favey said that it would be affordable to own but also fun to drive. If Skoda’s engineers get the green signal, then it would extremely stunning looking vehicle.

Skoda Vision E Concept Skoda Vision E Concept

This concept was showcased at last year’s Shanghai Motor Show. It managed to grab all the attentions thanks to its revolutionary and stunning design. If vRS performance is incorporated in then it will have a premium price than the stock version. Nonetheless, if Skoda does manage to keep the pricing similar to that of Tesla Model 3, then it should not be as more expensive than the internal combustion engine alternatives.

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