Skoda Kodiaq Coupe Rendering from X-Tomi Design Looks Amazing

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Skoda Kodiaq Coupe

When it comes to cars with style and performance then there is nothing better than Skoda. They have been the market leader in every possible segment expect the Coupe section. They produce hatchback, sedans, crossovers, and even they produce the wagons too. But they have not yet released a Coupe. But now this is going to change definitely with X-Tomi design releasing a rendering of Skoda Kodiaq Coupe. Well, if we see the picture we definitely wish that Skoda plans on producing a coupe model for Kodiaq.

Last week, there was a news that Skoda is indeed planning various number of crossovers for their current models. Initially, they might be targeted towards the Chinese market, but later on they might be available in other countries. But what they are planning is not a traditional coupe. This will be a crossover coupe with four doors. Something BMW is definitely excelling in that section with its pioneer model X6. Now the only problem with four Skoda Kodiaq Coupe will be the reduction of utility and focusing more on sports.

This rendering from X-Tomi design depicts perfectly what we can expect in the coming Skoda Kodiaq Coupe. What matters is that Skoda is following the base model of BMW. Now, this is not something uncommon, as Mercedes also followed the same to gain more interest. Moreover, VW and Audi also experiment with the same look over and over again. Now, if Skoda is trying the same thing and entering into the market with Skoda Kodiaq Coupe, then we are more than happy.

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