Rodin FZero from New Zealand could be faster than any F1 car

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Rodin FZero

A small New Zealand based Rodin Cars is currently working on an extreme road-legal hypercar that could be as fast as a Formula 1 car. The name of the new model is Rodin FZero which is giving us astonishing performance figure that would shame even the Aston martin Valkyrie. Unlike any other aspiring automakers, Rodin Cars is backed up by a lot of money. It is backed up by an Australian who has built a multi-billion software company in recent decades and is eager to fulfil his automotive dream into reality.

Rodin FZero

Rodin FZero will be built in two forms, entry-level version is powered with naturally-aspirated 4.0-liter V10 engine offers an output in region of 700hp. Then there is a twin-turbocharged version pumps out an output in excess of 1,000hp and could be upgrades to 1,600hp. These are astonishing figure, but are insignificant when car weight’s and huge amount of produced downforce are taken into consideration. According to Which Car, weight of FZero is tipped at just 605 kg including driver, resulting in 4,000kg of downforce. To put these figures into perspective, track-focused Valkyrie AMR Pro is said to generate a downforce of 1,800kg. If Rodin Cars manages to achieve it, Rodin FZero will be capable of immense cornering forces.

Rodin Cars has hired several experts in the field to work on the FZero. For instance, Ricardo has been given the job of development for eight-speed mechanical sequential transmission and the engine is being built by Neil Brown Engineering in the UK. This project is overseen by former Ford and Cosworth motorsport veteran Graham Dale-Jones. Interestingly, Velocity reports that renderings of Rodin FZero are accurate representation of finished product. Depicted model is limited to track usage, but a road-legal version is under development.

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