Road-legal version of Brabham BT62 is available for £150,000

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Road-legal version of Brabham BT62

There was a huge demand from customers to Brabham Automotive for road-legal conversion of BT62. The company has finally answered their calls by launching a kit that will allow drivers to drive BT62 on public roads. Price of this kit is £150,000 and excludes the actual price of the Brabham BT62 which is £1 million. All conversion of Brabham BT62 for European market will be done in United Kingdom. Nonetheless, the automaker claims that similar process is being undertaken in Australia. Brabham will take care of the conversion ahead of registration and put it through Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test.

Road-legal version of Brabham BT62 Road-legal version of Brabham BT62

Additionally, an extra gear will be added to Brabham BT62. It will raise ground clearance with the front and rear axle lift kit, and increased steering lock range. Brabham has also included air-conditioner, more high-quality upholstery, door locks, and immobilizers. As expected, additional equipment will further add weight to the Brabham BT62. Before the conversion, the weight is tipped at 972kg. Thankfully, engine won’t go through any modification and will retain the same powertrain. BT62 is powered with 5.4 liter V8 engine that offers an impressive 700hp and 667Nm of torque.

Road-legal version of Brabham BT62 Road-legal version of Brabham BT62

David Brabham said that BT62 was developed solely as unrestricted and thoroughbred car. Hence, it was not meant for road, but some customers did ask for road complaint version of BT62. His father was always consumer focused and the company will retain that ethos. First road-legal Brabham BT62 is expected to be delivered this summer. Further plans from the company will be announced on 10th January at Autosport International Show.

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