Rinspeed Snap Concept, self-driving EV explained ahead of its CES debut

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Rinspeed Snap Concept

Just ahead of CES which is scheduled Rinspeed released new details of the new Snap Concept. Rinspeed Snap Concept looks quite weird and it has skateboard chassis. It can hold variety of different pods and is basically a fully-autonomous electric vehicle. It will be equipped Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity and also comprises of six projectors. The projector will showcase information to pedestrian and passing motorist. Nonetheless, there are different pods imagines for Rinspeed Snap Concept. Each and every one of them will be covered in leather seats and LED interior lights.

Rinspeed Snap ConceptRinspeed Snap Concept

These LED lights emits ultraviolet light to render bacteria harmless. The pods are subjected to have iris scanner that will detect and identify the occupants. It will then project the personal cloud content into the different infotainments system. Rinspeed Snap Concept might also come with voice controlled personal assistant. It will know personal preferences and habits of the occupants and act accordingly. The assistant will make a balanced judgement such as suitable restaurant that would be satisfactory for every passenger.

Rinspeed Snap ConceptRinspeed Snap Concept

The skateboard chassis measurement stands at 184.4 inches long and weighs around 1,700. The power in this electric vehicle comes from 12 kWh LiFePO4 battery. The electricity is then transferred to the electric motor that produces an output of 68 horsepower. The setup helps the Rinspeed Snap Concept to accelerate from 0 to 62mph in just 5 seconds. The top speed reaches 49mph and it is expected that its range will be around 62 miles on a single charge.

Rinspeed Snap ConceptRinspeed Snap Concept

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