Rimac will keep on churning electric supercars, with no plans for SUV

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Rimac C_Two

When it comes to electric supercar, one of the biggest players in this segment is Rimac. Recently, they announced that their upcoming C_Two isn’t the real name when it finally hits production line. The said vehicle will make its debut at Geneva Motor Show. However, they are not looking to expand the lucrative segment. While talking to Top Gear, company founder and CEO, Mate Rimac said that they have set of plans for the future, but building performance SUV is not among them even though it is quite popular.

Rimac C_Two

Mate Rimac did realize why other known automakers are rushing to join SUV bandwagon. He understands the business side of things but at end of the day it comes down to pleasing enthusiasts or making the business survive. He further added that performance SUV is as relevant as the sports car, but reiterated that who needs either as neither of them is a sensible choice. Automakers reacts to what market wants but Mate is confident that performance cars won’t be going away. He pointed the example of Lotus Exige and conundrum of a performance SUVs.

Rimac C_Two

Since, Porsche and Hyundai have brought small stakes in Rimac that could mean that they are currently helping them build an exciting electric car. Rimac won’t be taking their eyes off their most exotic cars. Talking about next models, it will be two-seater supercars and will have some innovations especially with respect to aerodynamics. Lastly, Mate restated that they are interested in making SUV and want to make their cars lighter.

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