Renault Symbioz concept shows the future autonomous electric mobility

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Showing gorgeous concepts is not new to Renault and this time it’s Symbioz. Renault Symbioz has already been released and it will make its world premiere at the next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Judging by the design of the concept, it seems that Renault Symbioz will be 3-door, wide rear fenders, set of large wheels, and slim LED taillights. According to the carmaker, the concept will showcase the future of mobility by them. The door opening mechanism also seems unique and interesting.

With Renault Symbioz, the French carmaker will be exploring electric, autonomous, and connected mobility for the future. The name of the concept car comes from a Greek word sumbiōsis that translates into living together. Symbioz functions harmoniously with the environment, digital lifestyle of the rider and road network infrastructure. The significance of Z at the end of the word means Zero emission technology which resided in the body of the car. At first look, it looks like Renault Symbioz will be a small car which will tackle the problems of an urban city with ease.

The Renault Symbioz will be showcased at Frankfurt Motor Show on 12th September. At the same event, the French carmaker will also showcase the Megane RS in production form. We have already seen Megane GT being tested, but we are not sure if it will break cover at this event. There is just few more days we will have to wait to see this highly anticipated concept in flesh and find out why there is so much hoopla around it.

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