Renault Subtil gives us a preview of what transformable SUV and truck

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Renault Subtil

The gap between SUV and trucks will shrink in near future and it is quite evident with the new rendering Renault Subtil. Even though it looks stunning, but Renault isn’t planning to build it anytime soon. The attached image is nothing but a rendering version by a Polish artist Wojciech Jurkowski. With the new Subtil, the city lifers would be getting a chance to visit peaceful, quiet places among mountains and rivers. One can spend time with vehicle for the purpose of sightseeing and doing sports. With the help of different configurations, Renault Subtil can convert from SUV into a truck.

Renault SubtilRenault Subtil

It is designed as 4-seater with standard luggage compartment and it can be converted into 2-seater with large compartment and also into 2-seater with compartment for sports equipment. Tired drivers can opt for autopilot mode and turn the interior into a bedroom. According to the designer, cabin setup can be changed depending on the needs of the owner. Renault Subtil has 360 degree camera system and users can wear 3D VR glasses to enjoy the scenery.

Renault SubtilRenault Subtil

With respect to the power of Renault Subtil, it has four independent electric motors that are located inside the wheel. It makes perfect sense considering the style of the vehicle. Even though seems efficient and advanced mode of transportation, its practicality is a huge concern. It won’t be an off-roader as it has no ground clearance which can be attributed to massive wheels covers. Do check out the attached images of this futuristic vehicle.

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