Reason why McLaren 720S is fast, explained by a rocket scientist

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When it comes to fastest supercar around, the first name that pops out in our head is McLaren 720S. No, the question arises why it is so fast? To answer this critical question, we have a rocket scientist Ryan W. Conversano. The major reason why McLaren 720S is so fast can be attributed to its aerodynamic shape. McLaren prioritizes aerodynamics for 720S and the result is bewildering, we must also include exterior design for it. Thankfully, McLaren was not forced to add sharp lines and curves but they did unlike their competitors who were pressured.

McLaren 720S

Thus, McLaren 720S comprises of combination of flowing surfaces, curved edges and smooth shapes. It enables the supercar to cut through the air and minimizes drag while offering certain level of downforce. It is already known that McLaren 720S uses a powerful powertrain which is second to none. For those who don’t know, here are cursory details of this supercar. It is powered with 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine that delivers a whopping 710 horsepower. In reality, the engine is much more powerful and capable than what the British carmaker is claiming.

The weight of McLaren 720S is significantly lighter than their rivals as the company masterfully inculcates carbon fiber construction. Lightweight construction is a huge concern for many automakers as the world is moving towards tighter fuel efficiency standards. With lightweight, it indirectly makes the car accelerate faster, and McLaren 720S benefits from it. However, 720S is just the beginning of a marvellous chapter which will be followed by 720S Spider and an LT-badged version.

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