Qiantu K50 Electric Sports car is hitting US roads by next year

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Qiantu K50

China based Qiantu showcased all-electric sports car K50 at the 2019 New York Auto Show. Three years back, it was revealed in near production guise at Beijing Auto Show. The car which was on display at the NY Auto Show, is probably the same model which is going to be sold in United States next year. Qiantu K50 will come to United States shores with help from California based company-based Mullen technologies. What makes Qiantu K50 stand out among the crowd is its intriguing exterior design. Nonetheless, we must point out that to compete is competitive US market, only exterior design isn’t the only selling factor.

Qiantu K50Qiantu K50

Qiantu K50 Electric Sports car features an electric powertrain with two motors and one of them powering each axle. Combined output is 402 horsepower and it incorporates an ‘overclocking mode’ that pumps them up to 429 horsepower. All-aluminium body frame is featured and thus, body-in-white weight is 234kg and 29 carbon fiber body panels weighs 47kg. Qiantu K50 Electric Sports car will be available in six standard body colors and multiple color design options. China-spec model takes less than 4.6 seconds to hit 0-60mph before reaching top speed of 124 mph.

Qiantu K50Qiantu K50Qiantu K50

Details of the battery size pack for the K50 bound for US shores is not known. However, models that are sold in China comes with 78kWh battery. Hence, we expect something similar which will also feature active liquid cooling and heating management. Apart from stunning design and electric powertrain, there is one aspect that stands out. The features that makes Qiantu K50 electric sports car stand out is the roof mounted solar panel. It powers an in-car air circulation system to ensure the cabin remains cool in even the hottest of temperatures.

Qiantu K50Qiantu K50Qiantu K50

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