Puritalia Hybrid Supercar with 951 hp is arriving at Geneva Motor Show

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2019 Puritalia hybrid supercar Berlinetta

It has been a long time when we heard last about Puritalia Automobili. Now, we are getting news that Napoli based automaker is making a comeback with a new hypercar which will be showcased at 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It is referred as “Berlinetta” and seems like an updated coupe version of 427 Roadster. It is an open-top model that uses a front -mounted V8 engine but comes with hybrid support as it includes rear electric motor. The combined output of the Puritalia Hybrid Supercar is 951 horsepower with 1,248 Nm of torque. It closely beats the LaFerrari with 950hp.

2019 Puritalia Berlinetta hybrid supercar

Puritalia claims that electric motor will be controlled and managed with the help of “auto-learning of driving style and cloud-based AI (Artificial Intelligence)”. Additionally, the ‘Puritalia eMozione’ will increase the electric motor’s torque by 370 Nm on-demands. It took four years to make Puritalia Hybrid Supercar and is built on a carbon fiber/ aluminum chassis. There are also carbon fiber body panels and a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Puritalia Hybrid Supercar gains titanium exhaust system with quad tips, smart electronic modulation and active side pipes and an exposed carbon fiber trim inside.

2019 Puritalia Berlinetta hybrid supercar 2019 Puritalia Berlinetta hybrid supercar

Company already declared that one cannot buy Berlinetta as each model will be made-to-order based on personal liking. It follows the same paradigm of ‘Golden Years of the Italian car designs’ in the years 1950s and 1960s. Paolo Parente, Puritalia CEO and Founder said that they don’t selling their cars and entrust to take care of them and enjoy as they understand and appreciate the exacting technical details.

Puritalia 427 RoadsterPuritalia 427 RoadsterPuritalia 427 Roadster

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