Porsche Mission E to be offered with wide range of power outputs

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Porsche Mission E

For all the Porsche Mission E fans there is more good news. It was recently revealed that the said electric car will be offered in more than one variant. Just like many other Porsche cars, it will be made available with different specifications. Porsche Mission E is expected to arrive at showrooms by the end of this decade. According to their CEO Oliver Blume, this electric car will spawn with different power outputs. In an interview to AutoExpress, he said that Porsche Mission E will sit below the Panamera segment.

Porsche Mission EPorsche Mission E Porsche Mission E

It would deliver 310 miles of range that too with a 15 minute of charging time. The different level of power outputs is seriously being considered. Porsche Mission E was a huge star when it was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Prototypes of Porsche Mission E have already been built and the testing will start from this summer. After the summer test, it will have to go through cold weather programme to see how battery technology fares under sub-zero temperature. The production car might have the same wireless charging facility as the concept.

Porsche Mission E Porsche Mission E Porsche Mission E

Porsche is hoping to sell around 20,000 units per year and to add high performing GT-E variant. Like Tesla, Porsche Mission E will be receiving its update via over the air. Customers can also opt for performance upgrades remotely. For instance, if a customer has 450 bhp, they could upgrade it to 450 bhp. When the Mission E hits the dealership, it will be available with 800 volt electric system. This electric system will constitute of a large battery along with two electric motors. The output of Porsche Mission E is said to be about 592 horsepower and can accelerate to 62 mph in 3.5 seconds.

Porsche Mission E Porsche Mission E Porsche Mission E

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