Porsche Cayman R accused of cheating CO2 Emission test in UK

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Porsche Cayman R CO2 Emission UK 1

Porsche has been accused to cheat on the CO2 emission test on the Cayman R in United Kingdom. By cheating this test, the company helps its customers in paying additional taxes. It is reported on the “The Times” that Porsche starts the UK carbon dioxide emissions test of Cayman R in second gear rather than in first. Hence, Porsche Cayman R was certified emitting 221g/km of CO2 whereas for the rest of Europe it is rated at 228g/km. Even though the difference between the figure may not alarming, but it has repercussions.

Porsche Cayman R CO2 Emission UK Porsche Cayman R CO2 Emission UK

The said figure of Porsche Cayman R makes it fall under the “K” tax bracket instead of “L” bracket. Currently, vehicles which falls in the “K” needs to pay £315 per year as tax whereas for “L”, the figure is £540 per year. To pass the benefit of this difference, the German car maker may have used this methodology. This manipulation of result was spotted by a Porsche Cayman R owner’s legal team. The same owner had sued the company way back in 2011 for a defect in his vehicle. Porsche eventually settled this claim, but the owner wanted to know more about the information of vehicle emissions and also enquired to Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA).

Porsche and VCA refused to disclose the asked data but confirmed to the Freedom of Information tribunal the irregularities in emission in UK is because of the different taxation regime. At this point of time, this is not as series as dieselgate, but Porsche might face difficulty if it turns out to be true. Interestingly, Porsche was also involved in the dieselgate scandal and they refused to comment in current controversy due to ongoing legal proceedings.

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