Porsche Cayman E-Volution Prototype showcased at Electric Vehicle Symposium

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Porsche Cayman E-Volution Prototype at Electric Vehicle Symposium

Porsche offers lot of number of electric vehicles, but they are yet to put into production a pure EV. However, everything going to change for now as they revealed all the all new Cayman E-Volution at the ongoing Electric Vehicle Symposium at Stuttgart. Porsche Cayman E-Volution Prototype is based on the older 981 model and not on the 718 Cayman. Instead of six-cylinder engine, Porsche Cayman E-Volution Prototype would be all electric. If you think that it would be slower then you are completely wrong.

The acceleration time to reach to 62 mph from stagnant position is quoted at 3.3 seconds. All the gasoline-based Cayman models would be slower than the quoted acceleration. Porsche Cayman GT4 and 718 Cayman S takes 4.2 seconds to reach the same acceleration. The range of this electric Porsche Cayman E-Volution is said to be around 124 miles on a full charge. It is quite better than other electric models that are available in the market. Having said all these things, Porsche Cayman E-Volution won’t see production light.

Currently, Porsche is concentrating all their energy on the upcoming Mission E Concept to make it successful in the market. Mission E Concept will have a better range than other electric vehicles. The production version of Mission E Concept will be boasting the range of 310 miles. This will make it competitive to the Tesla Model 3 and Model S offers a range of 335 miles. Porsche is also installing accumulator based charging network all over Europe by collaborating with Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Ford. It can charge up to 80 percent from zero in just 15 minutes.

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