Porsche Cayenne Turbo in the hands of TechArt

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TechArt offers just about every customization option you can imagine. Now joined its efforts with Porsche Cayenne Turbo re-designed for the aftermarket, yet pictures of new interiors have not been released. The array of optionals are including leather seat covers, various trims, customized dashboards, for a suited Porsche Cayenne Turbo ready-made for each and every client’s desire.
The experience of the German TechArt has provided many solutions for the Porsche Cayenne throughout the collaboration, the ultimate “suit” for Porsche is focused on hi-tech details and a widened body of car remindind at a glance a Suv-likeness in width, as well as proud boosted up performances as far the engine is involved. Carbon fiber is used for details to make the car sligthly lighter, but the focus now is on the whole exteriors outlook of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, starting off at the front with bumper and grille and at the rear a roof mounted spoiler.

Carbon fiber is used also for the two air outlets caps painted in the same color as the body or with an option of a matte / high-gloss carbon fiber finish. The agressive look is made muscular with the side skirts and enhanced wheel arches, while the rear displays a four row exhaust system. Techart has installed its massive 22-inch Formula IV wheels on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, great stability, of course and reliability in high speed driving are a sure mark of the new model.

The Porsche Cayenne Turbo appeal is defined strongly by its engine: the twin-turbo 8-cylinder, 4.8-liter engine inside the Turbo version which is made to provide 700 PS (515 kW) and 920 Nm (679 lb-ft), a sprint in 4.5 seconds and heading high at 173 mph (279 km/h).

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