Porsche 911 SUV might be on the cards according to Senior Exec

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Porsche 911 SUV might be on the cards. This is Porsche 959 Paris Dakar Racer

At the 2018 LA Auto Show, Porsche revealed one of their highly anticipated 911, internally know as 992. 2020 Porsche 911 is an evolutionary sports car which promises to build legacy of the 911. Now, the question arises what the future hold for 911. When Cayenne was put into production way back in the year 2002, it was heavily criticized by many purists. However, it turned out to be a great decision for Porsche and it was appreciated by customers from all across the globe. It still is a money maker for the Italian luxury automaker. They are expanding its offering with Macan.

Porsche 911 Safari Classic 3.0

It seems that Porsche is again going to stir things up by introducing 911 SUV or crossover. In an interview to Autocar India at Los Angeles Auto Show, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing of Porsche AG, Detlev von Platen said that 911 is the center point of all design at Porsche and in near future its influence can be seen in other models. For Detlev von Platen, making 911 into SUV or higher seems a good idea. Obviously, it won’t be a model range but will be limited and niche product.

If high riding Porsche 911 does materialize then it would be interesting to see if it uses “911” moniker. Porsche has already confirmed jacked up version of 911 could be on the cards like the 959 Paris Dakar racer or the 911 Safari edition rally cars. 959 had adjustable suspension and an all-wheel drive system. They are the only team to clear the hurdle at East African Safari Classic Rally in 1978.

Source: Autocar

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