Porsche 911 prototype spotted without camouflage

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Currently, new Porsche 911 is available in two variants which are Carrera S and Carrera 4S respectively. However, customers have a choice choose between two bodystyles which are Coupe and Cabriolet. As per reports, there are plenty of new versions in the pipeline and recently we have come across spy photos and leaked images of 911 GT3 and range-topping 911 Turbo. Now, we have come across another new model which we don’t have any idea. This spotted Porsche 911 prototype has lot of difference with current 992 Carrera S/4S. Major difference between 911 protype and 992 Carrera S/4S is massive fixed rear wing.

Porsche 911 Prototype Porsche 911 Prototype

Porsche 911 prototype is not as big we have seen with 992 GT3 prototypes, but comes close. Because of this aero element, few changes have been made to the rear. For instance, third braking light changes its position and is now attached to the base of wing whereas ventilation grille is above engine but has slightly different design. Rear wing isn’t the only change in the 911 prototype and upon closer inspection, it can be seen that there are new trapezoidal tailpipe trims which is different from the 992 Carrera S/4S.

Porsche 911 Prototype Porsche 911 Prototype

Bumpers are also different in Porsche 911 prototype and features sportier design. Position of rear number plate has been changed and is positioned little bit on upper side. Wheels are of same design as 992 Carrera S/4S, but sports golden hue. It might be exclusive to this prototype or points being lighter than its sibling. Beefier exhaust and fixed rear wing suggest that it might be track oriented and offer in excess of 444hp (present in Carrera S and Carrera 4S).

Porsche 911 Prototype Porsche 911 Prototype

Image Source: Motorionline

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