Pininfarina PF0 might come with 1,900hp, overtaking Bugatti Chiron

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Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar 1

Recent teaser of the Pininfarina PF0 looks promising and seems stunning. However, there are reports that suggest that it could be world’s most powerful production car. This electric hypercar will be powered with electric powertrain provided by Croatian based Rimac. This is first vehicle from newly formed Automobili Pininfarina and claims that it can hit 0-62mph in under 2 seconds. It can go past 186mph in under 12 seconds. According to Auto Express, Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar will incorporate electric motor at each axle and offers a combined output of 1900hp and 2300Nm of torque.

Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar

If these figures are achieved by Automobili Pininfarina, then PF0 would become most powerful production vehicle currently on sale including the formidable Bugatti Chiron. Another report from Piston Head suggests that the actual output will be 1,925hp. No matter what the actual output figure might be, it will give PF0 an edge over Rimac C_Two hypercar which is said to offer 1,888hp. Top speed of Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar is estimated to be around 350 to 400kmph. Battery pack in this electric hypercar is 25 percent larger than what is present in the Tesla Model S P100D.

Driving range of Pininfarina PF0 Electric Hypercar is expected to be 300 mile which is impressive considering the performance PF0 is offering. It can reach 80% charging in 20-40 minutes with the help of IONITY fast charger. To keep the hypercar light, carbon fiber body and chassis will be incorporated. It will feature Pirelli PZero tyres, active rear wing, and several exclusive and premium features. Pininfarina will produce 150 units of PF0 Electric Hypercar and its design will be taken car by Pininfarina SpA. Price of each model before options is set at £1.5 million.

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