Pininfarina Battista extensively reviewed by Top Gear

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At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, everyone was enthralled by Pininfarina Battista. The most interesting aspect of the electric hypercar is the powertrain. Because of this, it has been dubbed as “luxurious electric hyper performance GT”. Since, its world debut, Pininfarina Battista has made a stop at Goodwood for its UK debut. Recently, Top Gear’s Rory Reid got an opportunity to closely explain the Pininfarina Battista. The powertrain is sourced from Rimac, and the same engine has been used under the hood of C_Two hypercar.

The powertrain comprises of four electric motors and a T-Shaped 120 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It is mounted within the center console and behind the seats. The setup generates an impressive 1,874 horsepower and 2,300 Nm of torque. This performance figure makes it unmatchable. Pininfarina claims that Battista takes less than 2 seconds to hit 62mph from stagnant position. To hit 0-186mph, the electric hypercar takes under 12 seconds. Top speed of this electric hypercar claims to be 217mph. This is a conservative figure considering Rimac C_Two top speed is 258mph.

On a single charge, Pininfarina Battista can travel 280 miles. If we take into consideration that the Battista is a performance car, it is highly impressive. Apart from being powerful, Battista is a sight to behold with its stunning aesthetics. Production of the electric hypercar would be limited to 150 units and price starts at $2.5 million. We have attached review video and know what aspects stand out in this engrossing hypercar. Do share your thoughts with us.

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