Piëch Mark Zero Electric GT revealed, can be 80% charged in under 5 minutes

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Piëch Mark Zero Electric GT

Piëch family is introducing their first car and comes after their family. Dubbed as Piëch Mark Zero Electric GT, it the result of Ferdinand Piëch son Toni and Rea Stark Rajcic. The car also acts as a preview for the first production vehicle from the company. It is a proper as its length is 174.5 in and promises to deliver 311 miles (based on WLTP combined cycle) on electric power alone. Piëch Mark Zero Electric GT is described as “puristic electric sports car” and incorporates flexible and open vehicle architecture. It enables usage of variety of drive systems such as electric, hybrid, fuel cell or internal combustion engine.

Piëch Mark Zero Electric GTPiëch Mark Zero Electric GT

This being a two-seater, company also brings forth four-seater and a sporty SUV using the same modular architecture. The vehicle that is going to be showcased at Geneva Motor Show is an all-electric coupe that uses an unspecified type of battery cell. It is said the battery hardly heats during charging or discharging. With the help of high rate of recuperation, Piëch Automotive claims that it can be charged up to 80% in just 4:40 minutes with fast charger. This new type of battery cell can be cooled down by air due to reduce heat build-up. All these changes help in reducing overall weight of the Piëch Mark Zero Electric GT, which now weighs less than 1,800kg.

Piëch Mark Zero Electric GTRea Stark Rajcic and Toni Piech

Battery pack is not placed under the floor to give low seating position just like any sports car. It is placed in the center tunnel and at the rear axle for equal weight distribution and handling experience similar to that of a combustion engine powered sports car. Three electric motors power the Piëch Mark Zero Electric GT. It comprises of 150 kW (asynchronous motor on the front axle and two synchronous motors on the rear axle (mechanically decoupled) producing 150 kW each. Thus, the total output is around 600 horsepower. It is able to accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds before hitting the top speed of 155mph.

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