Pagani is all set to launch pure electric hypercar by 2025

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Pagani is reportedly on working on two hypercars which they will reveal in coming years. Surprisingly, one of them is an all-electric hypercar which the company plan to debut by the year 2025. This news was confirmed by the company’s founder in an interview to elTres TV. Nonetheless, before an all-electric hypercar, the company is planning to bring forward the successor of Huayra. It will have traditional internal combustion engine. The power in the successor of Huayra comes from all-new twin-turbo engine. The engine is sourced from Mercedes-AMG.

The founder is more than confident that the new engine will be able to pass stringent California emission laws without the help of electrified powertrain. The founder also confirmed another interesting thing which will be loved by many is the fact that it will have manual gearbox. This decision to offer Huayra’s customers with manual transmission, stems from the fact that there was a huge demand from them. Horacio also gave the reference to the Porsche 911 R. He pointed out that many new customers have a fascination towards manual transmissions.

With respect to all-electric Pagani, he said that a group of 20 engineers are already working on it without disclosing many details. Horacio Pagani believes that highly capable, and powerful internal combustion will still be in huge demand till 2025. From there on they will launch their new electric vehicle. He was also enquired about autonomous driving technology, but he reiterated that his cars are brought for the sake of driving it. Hence, there is no scope for such technology in his cars. Do watch his full interview here.

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