Pagani celebrating 2017’s success with unwrapping of two latest cars

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Pagani touched new heights last year. However, McLaren didn’t experience an up-rising market whereas Porsche crossovers were been sold out quickly. Moreover, there were certain automakers that remained low due to their design or nature. But Porsche showed what it was capable of doing as it marked new standard with its vehicles. However, Pagani declined to disclose any facts on the sale of their seven-figure exotics. Hence we don’t have the exact figure of exotics builds or sell last year. But the automaker stated that they have a record turnover in the year 2017.Pagani Pagani Pagani

However, in 2016, Pagani sell was 29 percent less than the year 2017. Hence the manufacturer is hopeful that 2018 will be even better than 2017. Hence Horacio Pagani stated that they assume 2018 to be the year that will make them busier and will also be a rewarding year for the company. However, he also stated that the company had to transport 40 latest cars to the owner keeping them busy. Moreover, Horacio Pagani also stated that they are not thinking of enhancing the production capacity of their latest car. Hence they will limit their production to 40 units only. But at the same time, he also added that the automaker will also try to bring out more services for loyal member customers of Pagani family.Pagani Pagani

However, Pagani will surface with two cars at the next month’s Geneva Motor Show. The first one is the Huayra Roadster, a US spec and the second one being the Zonda HP Barchetta. However, the later one been already unveiled at last summer’s Pebble Beach. Moreover, the main motive of showcasing the two cars is to reveal the possibilities for the prosperous clientele of the company.   However other companies like Lamborghini and McLaren also experienced a high result last year. Their sale was much more than before. However, Aston Martin claims to achieve a high of nine years in this 2017. Moreover, the figures are been counted in thousands but Pagani’s figures are been in a dozen. However, Bugatti Chiron, produced in 2017 at France’s Molsheim, was 70 units. Moreover, Koenigsegg wrapped their production to 20-25 every year so as to maintain balance in shorting weighting times and demand.Pagani Pagani

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