Opel GT Concept first glimpse released, to be unveiled at Geneva

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Opel are known for innovation and this time too they have come up with the Opel GT Concept. Opel GT Concept will be shown to the world at Geneva Auto Show 2016. The Geneva Auto Show will be held from 3rd of March 2016 to the 13th of March 2016. But before that they have released a short video on the new Opel GT Concept. From the outset it looks stunningly breathtaking. It won’t disappoint the Opel purist. Opel’s CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann teased the viewers with his small speech and urged the fans to not miss out. It seems that the new Opel GT Concept is something very 

The Opel GT Concept is one of the most awaited cars of the year from Opel. In an earlier video, he dropped few hints about the Opel GT Concept car but didn’t reveal much. The first thing that you will see in the video is the red tires. It actually pays tribute to the Opel’s Motorclub 200. It also pays homage to the 1965’s Experimental GT by adding a logo with dual exhaust. Opel’s Experimental GT was revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show in the year 1965. Even though at first, the Opel GT Concept seems to be lacking any retro design.

Experimental GT at that time was known for its minimalistic design and a modern car. GT Concept wants to follow the footprint of the Experimental GT. The second video clip will be released by Neumann on the 21st January. If the GT Concept is successful, it will be another feather in their hat. The last GT model that was discontinued was based on the convertible version of the Saturn Sky Redline.

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